I’m in love with this beauty box. I think it’s worth every penny. How does it work? You can buy a box every season or subscribe for a year. I do really think that a year's subscription is the better deal because it’s cheaper and also you’ll never miss a box. The cost of the… Continue reading FABFITFUN ❤


Julep Nail Polish

Let’s talk about nails. I’ve discovered a new beauty box: Julep. All of those products are cruelty free, so it means that it’s vegan. WHAT A GOOD NEWS RIGHT! If you like beauty products and you also like animals here’s the beauty box without any compromise. I’ve only tried their nail polish, but for now I… Continue reading Julep Nail Polish


Healthy Smoothie

For those who love smoothies ... I’ve got a healthier alternative for you! Step One: Instead of putting juice in it, put water. It might look less tasty at first but eventually it would taste really. Juice might sound good and healthy, but it’s not… There’s too much sugar in it even if it’s a… Continue reading Healthy Smoothie


Tomato Toast With Tuna Top

The hardest part of losing weight is usually eating healthy food. We’ve been used to eat certain things, and it’s hard to get rid of this lifestyle. But you know, there’s so much way to reinvent our favourite plates. First, you think of what is not healthy on the recipes and pimp it with a… Continue reading Tomato Toast With Tuna Top


Starting With Day 1

A few days ago, I’ve decided that it’s time for me to go back on track and lose 25 pounds I’ve gained this past year. It may sound not that much, especially when I’ve lost 60 pounds like 4 years ago… but I’ve regained 25 pounds and now I really want to lose it. Of… Continue reading Starting With Day 1