Julep Nail Polish

Let’s talk about nails.


I’ve discovered a new beauty box: Julep. All of those products are cruelty free, so it means that it’s vegan. WHAT A GOOD NEWS RIGHT! If you like beauty products and you also like animals here’s the beauty box without any compromise. I’ve only tried their nail polish, but for now I really like them. Colours are beautiful and it’s easy to use. You might need to put two thin coats, but it’s fine with me. With some brand I need to put tree so… The other good thing about Julep nail polish is the fast drying. Usually with normal nail polish it could take around an hour but with Julep it’s something like 20 minutes.

When I subscribed for the monthly beauty box there was a 100% discount on their box of 12 nail polish so it’s pretty cool. I heard that they always have something special like that, so it’s pretty awesome. For now I’m really excited to receive the box to tell you more about it. But for now, I’m happy with what I’ve got. Let’s see what their makeup would be.



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