Healthy Smoothie

For those who love smoothies … I’ve got a healthier alternative for you!


Step One: Instead of putting juice in it, put water. It might look less tasty at first but eventually it would taste really. Juice might sound good and healthy, but it’s not… There’s too much sugar in it even if it’s a 100% natural. That’s why the best option is water and it will still taste really good.

Step Two: You also have to add some vegetable like spinach, kale or carrots. Let your imagination choose whatever vegetables you want to put in your smoothie.

Step Three: Add some frozen fruits of your choice and then blend it. Add nothing else.

It’s healthier this way and if you just want to have your portion of fruits and vegetables adding more stuff in it will add too many calories for no reason. But if you want to drink for it as a snack, you should add a little bit of proteins like Greek yogurt, nuts, tofu, etc.

So… That it!

You have the perfect light smoothie to have all of you portions of fruits and vegetables per day.


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