Starting With Day 1


A few days ago, I’ve decided that it’s time for me to go back on track and lose 25 pounds I’ve gained this past year. It may sound not that much, especially when I’ve lost 60 pounds like 4 years ago… but I’ve regained 25 pounds and now I really want to lose it. Of course, I’m gonna talk about my journey to my goal but also about a healthy lifestyle. What things you can add to your everyday life or things that you could do to get healthier. Why I’ve decided that today was the good day? Well, there’s never a good day anyway and maybe as a lot of you, I’m starting to think of summer time.

Hell Yeah!

I’ve also started this particular day, because I’m not sick anymore after 2 weeks of sickness. I was really bored with doing nothing and feeling crappy because I’m not happy with my body and myself in general. There’s a time that you are at the lowest you can be and here I was. I had a choice, feeling better or doing nothing. For now, it sounds so easy to make all those changes but I know that in a few days or week it’s gonna be harder. But the trick is to please yourself with something but not food, OF COURSE. That’s why I’ve decided to buy the Teami Tea. I’ve seen Alexa Vega using it and I really love her so I’ve gotten inspired by her. I haven’t received yet, but I’m pretty excited to use it. I’m gonna write a post about it, that’s for sure and also let you know if it works on me. I know that we have to eat healthy and do sports, but it’s part of the reason why I bought it. I need extern motivation, I where my money goes… It’s a HUGE one. I don’t want to have spent 234$ (Canadian dollars or 169$ American dollars) for no reason. Ok, well it’s true that I bought the 30:7 starter kit… but I LOVE tea so much, why not mixing two good things together at the same time?! I’m really excited to get it, maybe in a week or so.

Another reason of why I’ve decided to share my experience with the people who are gonna read my blog? Because I’m gonna try to write a post every week and also share a YouTube Video (RebelleOnMyWay) when I’ll try new things to talk about. Health is not only about a fit body, but also everything on the outside BUT MOSTLY feeling good inside.

That’s pretty much everything for today.

And it’s just a beginning, don’t miss a thing!

P.S. If you want to buy Teami Tea here’s a code (RIBS03) to get 10% off.


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